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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

  • Polished Concrete: polishing a concrete floor involves many steps using a series of metal and resin tooling accessories and liquids (densifiers, polish guard) to achieve a glass-like finish.  Polishing results in a high luster, durable floor that is ideal for large spaces where high traffic is the norm.
  • ​Polishing brings out the natural aggregates that are present in concrete while offering a smooth surface with a high gloss.  While maintenance is required to keep these floors looking their best, the beauty and elegance they provide is well worth the time needed to care for them.


Ideal spaces include:

  • malls
  • office buildings (i.e. law firms, accounting firms, etc...)
  • lobbys
  • corporate headquarters
  • school cafeterias
  • high volume retailers (i.e. big box warehouse stores)
  • airports

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