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Outdoors: Pools, Patios, Concrete Driveways, Walkways

Acrylic Coatings


Well suited for light commercial situations (i.e. office buildings, churches, restaurants), residential floors and especially outdoor applications  (patios, driveways, walkways) where the surface is exposed to minimal chemical spills and abusive use, acrylic coatings are available in either water based or solvent based, and can provide a high gloss "wet look" to your floor, as well as a slip-resistant capability.

The downside to an acrylic coating is that it is a surface level coating and therefore, must be re-applied periodically in order to maintain its beautiful luster.  It is susceptible to heavy traffic and UV light. 

However, for protecting exterior concrete, there is really only one solution: Acrylic.  Available in either water based or solvent based, you'll love the look of your new concrete surface.


Knocked-Down Trowel, Random Stone and slate Pattern Finishes


Knocked Down Trowel     Knocked down trowel finish is a very popular coating for pool decks, patios and driveway areas where a slip resistant surface is required.  "KDT" is relatively inexpensive and will provide a durable surface that requires minimal maintenance (i.e.  regular light cleaning and a top surface re-coat about every 4-5 years). While colors choices run the spectrum (see color charts), we recommend staying in the light beige/tan/taupe spectrum.  Too dark,you'll burn your feet; and too light you'll burn your eyes!

Broom Finish    An inexpensive way to rejuvenate worn driveways, sidewalks and patios is to apply a thin coating of 6,000 psi cement (with additional polymers) and give it a broom finish.  Literally, a broom is dragged across the surface of the coating while it is still wet.  Broom finishes create a high amount of friction and are perfect for areas where traction is a must.  Like KDT, broom finishes can be coated with acrylic or Siloxane, (clear or pigmented) or they can be left as is.  A color can be added to the mix to provide a variety of natural looks.

Random Stone      This is a great way to add some variety to your pool area or patio.  If you have cracks, a random pattern can distract  your eye to help hide them in plain sight.  Anyone who tells you they can "fix" them or that a repair will get rid of them is someone we'd love to meet!  Mother nature moved the earth enough to crack 3-1/2" thick concrete...I'd bet she can do it again.   Why not incorporate her beauty mark into your patio design and call it a day.

Slate (Random and Ashlar Pattern)     Making your concrete look like slate is pretty cool, you've got to admit!  But, yes, we can do it!  Choose your colors (or leave it up to us) and we'll make it look like you spent a fortune! Best of all, since it's concrete, it will hold up to just about anything you can toss at it, and the colors won't fade!  

Faux Wood, Brick, Cobblestone     In addition to the above, decorative coatings can take on nearly any pattern from brick to woodgrain. Of course the more intricate the design, the higher the price, but, I guarantee you when you have your friends over, it'll be the talk of the party!  These designs are truly one-of-a-kind and, who knows, maybe one day they'll become valuable works of art!

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