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Metallic Epoxy



Metallic epoxy seems to be the latest trend in concrete coatings.  Metallic flakes are added to the clear base coat offering a beautiful and unique look, allowing the concrete to reflect light and giving it "depth" and "dimension".   A custom look to your floor is easy to achieve with metallic additives and the color possibilities are virtually limitless.  Multiple colors can be mixed together to create one-of-a-kind floors that are both durable and functional. 

Different colors can be used to identify specific areas in commercial settings, while adding flair and style to residential applications.  Be creative! The two photos above are examples of metallic epoxy coatings.   The phoo on the left is more of a swirl  (side-to-side) technique using multiple colors of orange and purple, while the photo on the right is a single color of red, using a more straight-forward (back-and-forth)  technique.



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