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There are no such things as stupid questions, so ask away.  If we don't know the answer, we'll consult with our experts and get you the right information.  If its juicy enough to share with others, we'll even post it on our blog and give you and everyone else a chance to comment on it.   In the meanwhile, here are some of the more common questions we get.
QI'm hearing a lot about polyaspartic coatings.  What's all the rage?
AGreat question.  Polyaspartic is a great solution for commercial and industrial situations where down time is critical.  However, for your garage floor, an epoxy base coat with a urethane top coat is just as strong, and a bit more affordable.  Epoxy/Urethane is a two-day process (versus a single day for Polyaspartic) so you'll likely need a place to store your belongings (a rental truck/trailer is a cheap alternative to the container storage guys), but you'll save some denaro.
QWhy should I put any sort of coating on my concrete floor?
AEven though concrete is hard, it is still susceptible to damage from oil, grease, chemicals, cracking, mold and mildew if not properly coated.  A commercially applied coating will also reduce dust and make the floor easier to clean and maintain.  Many commercial applications, (i.e. foodservice) require that all surfaces (including floors) must be of a cleanable material. Imagine spilling that pizza sauce, oil or hazardous chemical on your bare concrete floor? On a coated floor, its a simple clean-up with a cloth and you're back in business.
QIs there a difference between your epoxy and what I can buy at the big box stores?
AAs the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  The garage floor kits you buy from the big box stores are designed for those who have never worked with a 2-part chemical agent, and who have not properly prepared the floor to accept the product.  Therefore, the store-bought kit is adjusted to allow for a longer working time (pot life). As a result, the kit will not adhere to your concrete the way a commercial coating will.  In two years you'll be facing the cost of grinding off the old product and redoing your floor. 
QExactly what do I get for my money if I use Lifetime Flooring Solutions?
AIn a word: Enjoyment!  In two words: Honesty!  We will grind your floor to a consistent concrete surface profile (CSP) to remove any irregularities.  This opens the pores of the concrete to allow for an even, consistent coating of product.  We will fill any cracks, spalls or loose concrete to make sure the surface is perfect.  We will apply a base coat (tinted to the color of your choosing, or clear) and then a top coat.  If you desire any additives, (i.e. multi-colored flakes, quarts, metallic or design work) that will be done before the top coat is applied.
QDoes your company offer a warrantee?
AOf course.  We will warrantee your floor to be free from material defects and peeling (including hot tire pickup) from normal wear and tear for life (your life).  If, during that time, it's defective, we'll fix it.  Period.  But, if you gouge it, drag your equipment across it or tear it up....well, you're not covered for that.  (But we can come out and fix it for a reasonable rate).
QI'm pretty handy, can I do some of the preparation myself?
AWhile we'd love to have you be part of the crew, the prep work is the most critical part of the job.  If it's not done correctly or precisely, you're going to blame us when the floor literally peels up like a carpet.  We already have all the equipment and supplies needed to make your floor look beautiful, so relax and let us handle it.  (Of course, if you're looking for an excuse to get out of the house/office, you can always hang out with us and watch.  We'll swear that you were an invaluable resource and we couldn't have done it without you)!
QHow much maintenance is involved after my floor is installed?
AFor epoxy, urethane or polyaspartic floors, almost none.  Sweeping and an occasional mop whenever you feel it's necessary is about all you'll need to do.  Acrylic floors will require a re-coat about every 4-5 years in order to maintain their hi-gloss look.  If you gouge your epoxy or urethane floor or damage the concrete in some way, give us a call—we can usually repair it quickly for a minimal charge. 
QMy neighbor loves my new floor.  Do you offer any kind of a referral bonus if I convince him to hire you to do his floor?
A Sure!  As soon as he signs on the dotted line with us, we'll give you a $100 referral bonus.  In fact, if you get your entire neighborhood to use us, you can probably pay for your entire floor with referral bonuses.  Once you sign your agreement, we'll give you a referral coupon to hand to your friends/neighbors. There's no limit on how many bonuses you can get, however we only pay one referral bonus per 'referee' (you're the 'referrer').  Understand?  In other words, if you and 2 of your buddies all refer "Joe" down the street, we only pay the name on the referral card that "Joe" hands us.  The other two get a "participation trophy".


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