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We would love to work with you on your project.  Please tell us more about what you're planning to do and we'll custom design a plan that works for you. It's ok. Don't be afraid.  There's no obligation.  We won't hassle you once you receive our quote.  We don't even require you to give us your phone number—that's completely up to you.  

Have Fun!  Dream Big!  Call to find out how we can help you finance your project!  


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Join our mailing list and receive valuable information on current promotions, info and tips on caring for your concrete floor.  As we learn and grow, we'd love to be able to share our knowledge and experiences with you!

We anticipate sending about one email per quarter unless our heads are exploding with news we just can't wait to share, then we might send TWO emails.

Payment Methods

We now offer an installment payment option!  Pay over time for your new floor!  Contact us today for more details! 

A 50% deposit is required before we will begin any job, with the balance (50%) due upon completion of work.  We accept the following forms of payment.

To pay with PayPal® click on the link below, or go to:

 If paying with Visa/Mastercard please contact us and we will send you a secure link to pay online.  We never see your credit card information and the process is completely secure.

Personal / Business Check
You can pay by check too! (can I get a "WooHoo!")  We will scan your check electronically into our account within 1-2 business days.

Payment is due upon completion of work. All unpaid amounts will incur interest at a rate of 1.5%/month of the unpaid balance. Please contact us for additional information.