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Concrete grinding / floor preparation


Floor Grinding:  Many of today's homes use building materials such as glued in place laminate hardwood, porcelain or stone tiles, linoleum, vinyl tile or concrete paint.  When these products are removed, or need to be replaced, they generally leave behind a residue that must be ground off.  We have the equipment to remove the following materials from the surface of your concrete: 

  • paint
  • mastic
  • glue
  • thinset

Grinding will leave a semi-rough but flat surface that will be free of debris and ready for your next flooring project.  (If a concrete coating is to be applied, a CSP2 -- CSP3 (concrete surface profile) is generally required.


                        Werk® is a registered trademark of Werkmasters 

Cleaning / Degreasing / Densifying


Cleaning and Degreasing:  We use only the best concrete surface preparation material systems to clean, maintain and prepare concrete surfaces in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Our concrete cleaner is a safer alternative to using muriatic acid, since it contains no toxic heavy metals and no ozone-depleting solvents.  With our premier products, we can clean and degrease in one step on a variety of surfaces, resulting in an environmentally friendly solution to an otherwise messy task. 

Densifying: Densifying is the process of hardening the top layer of concrete in order to prevent spalling and weakening at the surface of the slab.  Since concrete is a porous material, the excess water in concrete will bleed to the top, making it much softer than the core material below.  Densifiers solve this problem by utilizing the available lime contained in concrete to tighten the pores, making the top layer stronger and harder (more dense).  In soft concrete densifiers can be added before a color coat is applied to the surface in order to prevent the color from bleeding deep into the substrate.  In harder concrete the densifier can be added after the color coat to lock in the color. However, the most widely used application for densifiers is for polishing concrete (instead of coating). A densifier will allow the surface to repel liquids while giving it a smooth glass-like finish.



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