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Color Flakes / Chips

Color Flakes /Chips



The preferred favorite amongst garage enthusiasts, color flakes  (or chips) offer a finished look to any concrete floor coating.  Flakes are normally applied in a "full broadcast" method (left image above), where the flakes are spread over the base coat (which is usually pigmented) to full rejection—meaning more chips than will stick to the floor.   Once the base coat is dry (epoxy or polyaspartic) the excess flakes are scraped off the floor and any loose flakes are removed.  The floor is thoroughly cleaned of loose flakes before the top, clear coat is applied.  For a higher gloss, a second top coat can also be applied.  Flakes are available in a variety of colors and color blends, and can be 'custom blended' for an additional charge.  Although not cheap, flakes do make a floor look extremely attractive. See additional photos below.





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