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Color Chart

The color charts below are provided to show only some of the over 200 standard colors available for indoor colors, and the most popular (standard) flake blends.  If you are looking for a specific color, or custom blended flake combination, please let us know as we can mix virtually any color with our suppliers' ON DEMAND Color mixing capabilities.  Bring us your color and we can match it!


The colors indicated on this chart may differ slightly from the actual color and from batch to batch.  Lifetime Flooring Solutions, Inc. does warranty exact color matches.


EPOXY FLAKES   New for 2021!






white transparent concrete color

70 – White

spanish red transparent concrete stain

65 – Spanish Red

safari tan transparent cement color

64 – Safari Tan

ruby red transparent concrete stain

63 – Ruby

epic blue transparent cement color

49 – Epic Blue

burnt crimson transparent concrete stain

46 – Burnt Crimson

autumn gold transparent cement color

41 – Autumn Gold


harvest yellow for coloring cement

54 – Harvest Yellow

fir green for coloring cement

51 – Fir Green

walnut transparent concrete stain

69 – Walnut

pewter transparent cement colorant

62 – Pewter

orange transparent concrete stain

61 – Orange Blossom

oak transparent cement colorant

60 – Oak

navy blue transparent concrete stain

59 – Navy Blue

bermuda blue transparent concrete stain

44 – Bermuda Blue

arbor green transparent cement colorant

40 – Arbor Green


aztec gold water based for coloring cement

42 – Aztec Gold


cool forest concrete stain

47 – Cool Forest

midnight blue transparent concrete stain

58 – Midnight Blue

Black transparent concrete accent stain

48 – (Black) Domino

 titanium gray water based semi transparent concrete stain

68 – Titanium Gray

magnet transparent concrete stain

57 – Magnet

green olive concrete stain

53 – Green Olive


beechnut transparent concrete accent stain

43 – Beechnut


espresso concrete stain

50 – Espresso Brown


kodiak transparent concrete stain

56 – Kodiak

kayak transparent concrete accent stain

55 – Kayak



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