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  • Floor Grinding:  removal of mastic, paint, glue and thinnest used to adhere other flooring products such as laminate wood floors, tile, carpet and linoleum/vinyl.  Grinding will leave a semi-rough but flat surface that will be free of debris and ready for your next flooring project.  (If a concrete coating is to be applied, a CSP3 (concrete surface profile) is achieved.


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  • Floor Polishing: polishing a concrete floor involves many steps using a series of metal and resin tooling accessories and liquids to achieve a glass-like finish.  Polishing results in a high luster, durable floor that is ideal for large warehouses, office lobby areas and malls, where high traffic is the norm.



Acrylic Coatings             

Well suited for light commercial situations (i.e. office buildings, churches, restaurants), residential floors and especially outdoor applications  (patios, driveways, walkways) where the surface is exposed to minimal chemical spills and abusive use, acrylic coatings are available in either water based or solvent based, and can provide a high gloss "wet look" to your floor, as well as a slip-resistant capability.

The downside to an acrylic coating is that it is a surface level coating and therefore, must be re-applied on an annual basis in order to maintain its beautiful luster.  It is susceptible to heavy traffic and UV light. 

However, for protecting exterior concrete, there is really only one solution: Acrylic.  Available in either water based or solvent based, you'll love the look of your new concrete surface.


Epoxy Coatings             

EPOXY COATING:  Epoxy coated floors have many advantages in both residential and commercial use.  For homeowners looking for a durable, stain-resistatn solution for a garage floor, epoxy can't be beat.  Priced lower than other coating solutions, epoxy is a great choice that will last for 10+ years if properly maintained.  Among its positive attributes is the fact that epoxy is not affected by gasoline, oil, bleach, fertilizers and most other household chemicals--including mold and mildew.  When properly installed and covered with a urethane or polyaspartic clear coat, epoxy is a cost-effective flooring solution.  Epoxy can be pigmented to virtually any color you choose, or you can add metallic, quarts or 1/4" flakes for a more decorative look. 

Like anything, epoxy does have a downside.  Untreated, it can be slippery when wet, and epoxy will chip or crack over time.  However, let's be honest, it's used heavily on firehouse floors, race car garages, hair salons, restaurants and healthcare applications.  Bottom line, it's a cost-effective solution for your garage or basement without breaking the bank.


Polyaspartic Coatings    

POLYASPARTIC COATING: A urethane derivative with extremely fast drying time (4-6 hours).  Lasts 10+ years, low VOC content, Ideal for installations where a one day return to service is necessary (i.e. restaurants, retail, manufacturing).

Polyaspartics are impervious to most chemicals and can be mixed with flakes or slip resistant additives to create a durable, solution that will withstand the test of time.  If you need a long-lasting and hard-as-nails flooring solution, polyaspartics are a great option.  Durable and resistant to almost anything you can throw at them, a polyaspaartic floor coating will last a virtual lifetime.  Available either in a clear or with pigments, you can also add metallics, quartz or flakes for a more decorative look.  Clear polyaspartic makes a great topcoat over epoxy floors.  With it's low VOC (volatile organic compound) content or odor, this product can be applied in enclosed areas (however, good ventilation is still required).

This is a professional product that should only be applied by trained technicians.  Similar to epoxy, polyaspartic is a 2-part formula with a very short  (18-20 minutes) pot life once mixed.  Polyaspartic coating is more expensive than epoxy so unless you are experienced working with this product, it is recommended that you leave it to the pros—or you may likely find yourself with a bucket full of product that has hardened in the pail.


Urethane Coatings        

URETHANE COATING: Extremely durable, intended for use in commercial and industrial applications where a thick coating surface is required.  Impervious to most all chemicals. Low VOC (odor).

Urethane concrete coatings are an ideal solution for creating a strong, durable and chemically resistant floor.  Most commonly used in industrial situations, urethane is perhaps the strongest of the four coatings.  For this reason, I highly recommend urethane as an excellent top coat over epoxy.  One of the benefits of urethane is that it hardens as it dries, creating a practically indestructible surface.  Urethane can be applied in thicker layers with no adverse impact.  

Add Metallic, Quartz or Flakes for a custom finish

Adding a custom look to your floor is easy with metallic, quartz or flakes.  These products are sandwiched between the pigment (base) coat and the clear (finish) coat providing a visually attractive finish that will not wear off.  Quartz is an excellent way to add texture to your floor, making it slip resistant.  






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