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Commercial services


  • Coating Removal:  the mechanical removal of mastic, paint, glue and thinnest used to adhere other flooring products such as laminate wood floors, tile, carpet and linoleum/vinyl.  Grinding will leave a semi-rough but flat surface that will be free of debris and ready for your next flooring project.  (If a concrete coating is to be applied, a CSP2 -- CSP3 (concrete surface profile) is generally required.


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  • Floor Polishing: polishing a concrete floor involves many steps using a series of metal and resin tooling accessories and liquids to achieve a glass-like finish.  Polishing results in a high luster, durable floor that is ideal for large warehouses, office lobby areas and malls, where high traffic is the norm.



When it comes to commercial applications, Lifetime Flooring Solutions, Inc. has a solution for virtually every flooring situation, including:

  • Commercial, Retail and Grocery
  • Aviation and Transportation
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Fire and Public Safety
  • Hospitality and Restaurants
  • Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Animal and Veterinary
  • Multi-Purpose Applications

Our Products include:

  • Cementitious Urethane Mortar Systems
    • SLX: Slurry Broadcast Systems are self leveling and can be installed at thicknesses ranging from 1/8" when smooth, to 3/16" with optional silica sand are ideal for light duty commercial environments, education, and multi-purpose applications. 
    • RT: Rake Trowel Slurry Systems are installed at thicknesses ranging from 3/16" when smooth to 1/4" with optional silica sand are well suited for healthcare, medical, veterinary, fire and public safety, science, technology, aviation/transportation and correctional facilities
    • HD :  Heavy Duty Systems are one step trowel applied cementitious urethane mortar systems ranging in thickness from 1/4" to 3/8" thick with optional silica sand. These systems are ideal for manufacturing environments, food and beverage processing (i.e. distilleries/breweries), aviation and transportation or any situation where a floor is subject to extreme use.  This is also an ideal system for concrete re-surfacing.  
    • Primer: a primer can be added to any of the above systems to provide a layer of protection against outgassing in porous concrete to ensure a strong mechanical bond.
    • Cove Base: A integral cove base system is available for situations where a continuous floor/base system is required (i.e. food service/restaurant kitchens).  Cove base systems allow for 45 degree cant (curved) coves that transition from floor to wall at either 4" or 6".  Custom base heights can also be designed.
  • Resinous Fluid Applied Systems
    • ​Depending on your flooring requirements, we have a variety of resinous flooring solutions including:
      • Epoxy: Most people immediately think of epoxy when coating a concrete floor.  But all epoxy floors are not the same.  An epoxy floor "system" can consist of several layers including a penetrating epoxy primer, an epoxy base system into which a variety of additives can be integrated (i.e. flakes, mica, quartz, metallics), and an epoxy top coat which offers a high performance finish and durability.  Contact us for specific information.
      • Thin Film Urethanes: When chemical, abrasion and UV resistance are required a thin film urethane finish is ideal.  Urethane provides a high-performance top coat that is hard to beat.  Contact us for specific information.
      • Polyaspartic: When return to service is critical, a polyaspartic flooring system is an ideal solution.  Fast-drying, durable and attractive, polyaspartic floors mean less down time.  Contact us for specific information.
      • Elastomeric: ideally suited for areas such as parking garages, mezzanines, mechanical rooms or any floor where vibration is an issue. Contact us for specific information.
    • ​Moisture Mitigation Systems
      • ​Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) is one of the largest issues in construction technology today.  With more stringent building codes and tighter construction deadlines, eliminating moisture is imperative.  We understand how to test for moisture and treat affected areas.
      • We have a variety of MVT products to address virtually every situation.  Contact us for specific information.
    • Wall Systems
      • ​Whether you need an integral wall system or a stand-alone wall system that can withstand abrasion, chemical resistance or high temperatures, we have the ability to provide a system that meets your needs.  Call for additional details.


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